At MR Tech Ops, our strong partner network allows us to provide exceptional sampling support, covering a wide range of audience types for qualitative and quantitative projects, across global markets, with a focus on high-quality data and timely results.

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At MR Tech Ops, we have a strong network of reliable partners that enables us to provide excellent support in sampling. We can also meet sample requirements by using either the client sample and panel source or by using the client partner’s sources. Our team can cover, recruit, and organize your preferred audience for both qualitative and quantitative types of projects. We are supporting diverse targets, including consumers, B2B, healthcare, and patients. Our support isn’t limited to one market; we can assist you in all markets globally. Understanding the importance of high-quality data for fielding and sampling, we ensure the best results for our clients. By offering coverage in both EU and US time zones, we are ensuring the timely achievement of target numbers.