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By partnering with MR Tech Ops, you are not just acquiring our services; you are gaining valuable time for yourself. With our dedicated support, you can confidently delegate operational responsibilities, knowing that they will be efficiently managed. This enables you to devote your energy and resources toward driving your business forward and achieving your goals.

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Project Management

Discover our customized Project Management solutions designed specifically for research companies, panel companies, or individual consultants. Our extensive services encompass project planning, execution, team coordination, quality assurance, timely delivery, and risk management. With expertise in diverse project types and markets, we ensure your success at every step. 

Survey Programming
& Data Processing

Our Programming department specializes in qualitative and quantitative survey services, offering cost-effective solutions without per complete charges. With expertise in healthcare, B2B, and consumer studies, we excel in designing precise, actionable surveys. Our comprehensive data analysis services include frequency tables and cross-tabulations, enabling thorough exploration and analysis of your data.

Other Services


At MR Tech Ops, we have a strong network of reliable partners that enables us to provide excellent support in sampling. We can also meet sample requirements by using either the client sample and panel source or by using the client partner’s sources. Our team can cover, recruit, and organize your preferred audience for both qualitative and quantitative types of projects. We are supporting diverse targets, including consumers, B2B, healthcare, and patients. Our support isn't limited to one market; we can assist you in all markets globally. Understanding the importance of high-quality data for fielding and sampling, we ensure the best results for our clients. By offering coverage in both EU and US time zones, we are ensuring the timely achievement of target numbers.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance
Our commitment goes beyond project management and programming. We understand that our clients often require guidance and support in various aspects of their operations, processes, administration, and technology solutions. We offer comprehensive consulting and assistance services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's streamlining processes, handling administrative tasks such as scheduling, communication with project participants, data reviewing, time management, or implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, we are here to help. Consider us your virtual assistant, ready to shoulder tasks that can divert your attention from your core business. At our core, we firmly believe in assisting you in every possible way to ensure your success and growth. In essence, we are your extended team, ready to provide the guidance and assistance you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. With our comprehensive consulting and support services, you can rely on us as a reliable resource, empowering you to overcome challenges and unlock your true potential.

Incentive Management

Incentive Management
Incentive management is a vital aspect of our company's operational strategy, and it also contributes significantly to the overall success and competitiveness of clients’ operations. At MRTO, our incentive management team is not only dedicated to managing incentives but also ensuring excellent communication with project participants. This helps us successfully conduct the final part of the project (payment) and ensures participant satisfaction, encouraging their continued collaboration in the future. Various platforms are utilized to distribute awards to respondents who have successfully completed surveys or interviews. These platforms include Tremendous, NeoCurrency Rybbon, among others & multiple payment methods are displayed, providing respondents with a range of options to choose from. From Amazon gift cards, and digital pre-paid cards (Visa, Mastercard) to charity reward options. This approach ensures that everyone can find a suitable payment method without any hassle on a global level. The incentive management team is accountable for reporting, offering essential assistance and expertise at the professional and technical levels.

If you have any tasks or requirements that you don't see listed, don't hesitate to ask us. We are flexible and can accommodate your specific needs.

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When you choose to work with us, you gain the
flexibility to decide how you want to engage with
our services. Whether you prefer project-based
solutions or a monthly subscription model, we are here to accommodate your needs.

Work Coverage

To accommodate the needs of our clients, we extend
our services to cover both EU and US time zones. By
doing so, we ensure that our clients receive excellent
support and assistance regardless of their
geographical location or business needs.    

In-House Technology

To meet industry demands and deliver superior
services, we have developed our own in-house Q
One Tech software. By
harnessing this innovative software, we ensure a
seamless experience, customized solutions, and
the ability to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving

Scaling the Business

By partnering with MR Tech Ops, you are not just
acquiring our services; you are gaining valuable time
for yourself. With our dedicated support, you can
confidently delegate operational responsibilities,
knowing that they will be efficiently managed. This
enables you to devote your energy and resources
toward your business goals.

What our Clients Say

Customers Testimonial

Working with MRTO has been such a terrific professional experience. At Rare Patient Voice, we engage with MRTO for both their project management services and scripting. The MRTO project managers are skilled in project management techniques and provide exceptional customer service as well! Our clients often compliment their responsiveness and efficiency. As RPV has expanded, we've needed additional project management support and found a wonderful solution with MRTO. As we grow our business in Europe, we have found that we need PMs with additional language skills, and we can count on MRTO to provide this too. We utilize MRTO for scripting as well and have found their services to be adaptable and cost effective. As an additional bonus, when clients come to us needing survey scripting, we can direct them right to MRTO and we have a seamless solution. It's reassuring to know that when we need support – MRTO is always there to help!

Pam Cusick

Senior VP at Rare Patient Voice

It has been fantastic working with MRTO.  Working as an independent market research consultant, both my profile as a client and needs are probably less usual that MRTO is used to working with. However, they have made me feel as important as any client; providing encouragement to expand my services; patiently trained me on some basics; staying by my side on every project; resolving issues quickly and overall acting as though they were members of my own team - just different companies.  I feel as though they are my colleagues; workmates and friends within the industry as they understand and support my specific needs, even when their shift is over.  The project support team works seamlessly across time zones, so they cover about 15 hours, thereby providing dedicated,  same-day support where I am able to serve both EU and American clients without delay.  Thank you MR Tech Ops.

Douglas Fedele

Founder at Orfeo Limited

It is very rare nowadays to find phenomenal customer service. The MR Tech Ops team is amazing and exceptional in accommodating our requirements.

Adam Sargeson

Senior Operation Executive at Blue Yonder