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At the programming department, we specialize in comprehensive survey programming services customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you require qualitative or quantitative surveys, we've got you covered. Unlike other providers, we do not charge per complete, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your research actions. With extensive experience in the healthcare, B2B and consumer studies domains, we possess the expertise to design surveys that gather precise and actionable insights. Our team of skilled professionals understands the complexity of survey development and can create engaging questionnaires that capture the essence of your research objectives.

Data Processing & Translation

In addition to survey programming, our department offers comprehensive data processing services and translation services. While our expertise in this field is continually expanding, our current focus lies in generating frequency tables and cross-tabulations, providing you with a solid foundation for data exploration and analysis. For clients aiming to reach multiple markets and overcome language barriers, we offer comprehensive translation services. Through our partnerships with various translation agencies, we ensure a wide coverage of languages to cater to your global research needs.

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Choose us and make your research journey easier and more cost-effective than ever before!

No Hidden Charges

We offer transparent pricing without additional fees per complete, providing cost-effective solutions for your research needs.

Real-Time Insights

With our in-house survey platform, you get live reporting and a monitoring link, allowing you to track your study's progress and make informed decisions with up-to-date data.

Easy Data Access

Our custom export links enable convenient data download in popular formats like CSV or XLSX, eliminating the need to contact us for data retrieval and saving you time in the research process.

Personalized Reports

We cater to your unique reporting requirements, providing customized deliverables, be it a concise executive summary or a detailed analytical report.

Customers Testimonial

What our Clients Say about this service

First and foremost, Ludwig and his team have been amazing to work with. Very fast and efficient with programming screeners. Very friendly. Very helpful. Basically, any issue, suggestion, or hurdle RPV has is met with brainstorming and/or solutions from Ludwig and his team.  I love that.

Client testimonial

MR Tech Ops provided high quality service at a budget-friendly price, exceeding timing and quality expectations, all with friendly service. I’ll go with them for all survey programming needs. I’d highly recommended them.

Client testimonial

MR Tech Ops did a great job in setting up the project quickly, but also in rectifying something in the program that was unclear at the time of programming, but later realised once the project was in field

Client testimonial