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Dedicated Services

Our dedicated project management outsourcing solutions can significantly enhance your business focus. Our skilled team of professionals is ready to seamlessly integrate into your team and deliver exceptional results with a strong emphasis on product quality. With our support, you can concentrate on driving business growth while entrusting operational tasks to us, worry-free. Our experienced Project Management team is here to ease your workload, ensuring successful project execution and adapting to your in-house procedures as needed to maintain top-notch quality and client satisfaction.

Our Project Manager Capabilities

Our project managers work closely with every aspect of your business to keep your clients, suppliers, and survey participants connected, informed, and satisfied.

Day-to-day client communications


Project management







Partner/supplier/vendor handling

Programming scheduler


Scheduling/rescheduling (TDI, IDI, FG, DYAD)


Survey programming, hosting, and analysis

Sending and collecting homework and pre-works


Processing incentives

Ad Hoc Services

At MR Tech Ops, we also specialize in providing flexible and efficient ad hoc Project Management services to our Market Research clients. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless project execution and delivering high-quality results. We understand that each client's requirements may vary, and that's why we offer our services for specific projects, tasks. Our ad hoc services cover all types of projects and markets, and we are available for full service to address your unique needs or we can help with only one specific task, partialy. With MR Tech Ops, you can count on reliable and effective project management solutions customized to your preferences and demands.

Flexible Service Options

We understand that your project requirements may vary. That's why we offer flexible service options for your specific needs.

Full Service

We provide end-to-end Project Management services, encompassing all the tasks you need for your project. From project management, sampling and fielding, incentive handling to programming and data processing.

Partial Service

Have specific needs? We offer the option to choose individual services based on your requirements. Pick and customize the services you need, and we'll seamlessly integrate them into your project workflow.

Sampling Service

Collaborate with our trusted partner panels to access a broader range of participants. We connect you with reliable and verified partner panels, expanding the reach of your research efforts.